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Mega Events. Mega Events.
Bedouin tents rental for mega events,expo,concerts,festivals, governmental and any outdoor function. Maximum cover with quality stretch tents.
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Campings & Picnics. Campings & Picnics.
Feeding camping and picnics with a versatile design, stretch tent hire,sheltering against winds and rains whilst experiencing the nature.
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Beach & House party Beach & House party
Creating extra rooms, stand alone or connected to buildings, stretch tent hire, stylish on all offshore events or beach parties.
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Wedding Functions. Wedding Functions.
For a unique experience, authentic tent style and unforgettable memories. Keeping beauty at it best under a wedding bedouin tent hired .
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The best all in One event shop, Bedouin tents rental and stretch marquee tent sales.Waterproof Bedouin tents, leased event furniture and dance floors hire. High Quality and best prices. Take a tour and discover our awesomeness!

No other way but a touch of excellence dished to present a perfect function with the expert’s ingredients.

Why Choose Us?

Authentic, clean and responsive
Experience and innovation have caused to rendering a clean stretch tent design inspired from the nomadic tents, made to style, a Bedouin tents ready to fit in any theme. Integrated from the ancient desert dwell to a modernized stretch tent sail.
We can easily custom-make with many features
Our crew, able to manipulate the style in creativity and experience, can customize the shape of the stretch tent for any venue to maximize the resource, space and beauty.
We always support and fully Assist
Full assistance in every aspect: beauty, style, advice and technical. Informative an always strive to rendering the best advice, suggesting helpful options and alternatives for purchasing different type of bedouin tents or simply for bedouin tents hire.

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  • Technically our Bedouin tents are highly recommended.They are all made to resist the Ultra-Violet for a long colour span and treated against any bacteria that damage the fabric. Our fabrics contain a light in weigh however high tensile inner layer that makes it completely waterproof.
  • We use innovated machine to manufacture all our tents and keep every element that comprises the tent compatible to any whether worldwide. offer also the option or retarding flames, ideal for smocking sections.
  • As a distributor of stretch tents or beduin tents, our company have exported Tents in major African countries, in Europe,in the Middle East,in South America and Oceania. overt to broaden to the globe, in every country of the five continent.
  • From years of experience, we have come up with a tent rigging method that Lessen pain or any difficulties in regards to erecting bedouin tents. Just as the Arabian type, Moroccan freeform tents, we’ve made it easy so that everyone owning a stretch tent from us can be able to mount it.
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Our Clients

Corporate ClientsNon Profit OrganisationsGovernmentEvents OrganizersPrivate
We supply bedouin tents or stretch tents to corporate clients as well. Companies that organize meetings in different settings, on the corporate balconies, corporate buildings or any other places that require a cover. Our tent supply used for either a permanent shelter or a temporary have always been a successful cover sheltering and wind breaking to create an effective work station or meeting venue. Our corporate clients mostly require our bedouin tents for functions like: Brand exhibition, fashion display, corporate gathering, outdoor work station, presentations, end of the year party and etc…
Our stretch tents have been making an amazing difference in our community. Mostly by Non profit organization for fund raising festival, street parades, outdoor schools in the rural area and VIP donor’s meetings. Multiplying our activities in the sector, our partners and organisations have chose to use bedouin tents due to flexibility and all the shape and style these stretch tents can offer. It can create an excellent temporary venue to facilitate the gathering, studying, teaching and demonstrating in a natural and comfortable way.
We are proudly B-BBEE level 4 contributor with a procurement recognition of 100% serving our government for huge meetings, campaigns and any other function. Our supply of Bedouin tents as useful as they are, have accommodated up to more than 1400 guests in different functions assuring safety and a secure placement whilst changing the venue into an excellent reception. Always loyal to supplying a flooring solution for most gov functions requiring a stretch tents or big domed marquee with chairs in the facility to corroborate the standard of the meeting at a very exceptional bid.
With a special attention to a B2B networking, our work together with event companies that deal with stretch tents or bedouin tents rental , dance floor and event furniture for birthdays, weddings, parties and any other function have made a remarkable and positive feeds due to the quality of our services. We offer a full support to constant clients, an unbeatable rate to either sub rent or dry rental.
Private clients are the biggest and major hirer or buyer of our flexile stretch tents or Bedouin tents. for years we have sold tones of stretch tents/ Bedouin tents to private as permanent structures, connected to buildings or standing alone. Bedouin tents or stretch tents give you that natural aesthetic derived from one inspired nomadic bedouin who made a shelter that re-inspired us today for a creative stretch tent concept; All UV resistant, waterproof and durable, tensile stretch tents with fire resistance options.

Our flexile stretch tents or Bedouin tents are an alternative to costly buildings or informal venues. These Bedouin tents or stretch tents made to intrigue beauty, with capacity to resist the precipitation, are absolutely the best way to alternate an indoor venue to a respectable outdoor venue. For any type of events like meetings, weddings, birthdays, festivals, carnivals, parties and any kind of outdoor gathering, our stretch tents or Bedouin tent have been the choice number one in terms of sheltering, aesthetic coverage and windbreaker. Used for its versatility and free form style in private homes and any other functions, MRS flexile Stretch tents or Bedouin tents are keeping the authentic nomadic type of tent modernized.

Aiming to be the best all in one supplier, we furnish at a very cost effective event flooring that has options in colors and sizes. Some just for a normal dance floor and some for a complete flooring. they are all temporary event flooring that do not cause any damage even when placed indoor on top of any floor or house tiles or outside by the grass, paved surface or sandy ground.
Known to be modular floor, interlocking floor laminated vinyl /parquet floor able to cover surfaces to giving it the indoor look in the case of a complete cove and a special spot for a dance floor.

Sitting guests comfortably remains one of the priorities in most gathering! We have the right solution for your event furniture requirements. We can help cater for over 600 chairs and tables, over 100 ottomans and many types of couches to create the best experience for any function. No one will ever buy furniture that will be used only once! Thinking about the expenses and wastage, MRS Corporation – Resource Events hands open to supply event furniture that best suit your theme.

To break the autonomic look of supplied event furniture, We are Introducing Moroccan furniture, cocktail furniture, VIP furniture and different types of party furniture to create an outstanding theme for all events.

Most details are enclosed to appropriate pages. We can sell and hire most of the events items.
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