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Even after sale, We still care!

Resource events® Bedouin stretch tent and products are guaranteed with a special care.

Resource Events® after sale service is a platform where buyers of our manufactured Bedouin stretch tent learn more about the purchased product, discuss more about every issue that may or have affected their purchased bedouin tent. The after sale service of Resource Events® regularize and assist clients for every claim lodged via our channel seller or distributors around the globe and any direct purchase. 


The After sale service of Resource Event® Bedouin tent is composed of different divisions that professionally asses any case reported using our form facility. Cases like of any lost, defects, shortages, road damages, air port damages, transportation issues, replacement of structure, fire damages, insurance claim and any of such.

The after sale service has an effective or vital importance attached to the value we offer to all of our clients. After purchasing any of our products, we think it is necessary to assist our clients with any useful help or information and offer to train where applicable in order to keep the purchased product in good order till its span expires.

One of the other side of Resource Events® after sale service is establishing a quick and reliable base of communication with clients regarding their newly purchased product, difficulties accounted or any scathe occur. It so easy to up load the event and have a rapid assistance from one of our expert. 

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Resource Events® form is a step by step first aid kit set in one online form. Made to responding to any challenges/ situation with a fair and reasonable response time and assistance. In the online form, you can please notice required fields to fill up with information that will ease and help Resource events® agent to attend quickly to the required demand. Specifications can be provided with a shortened comment and/or with pictures or any documentation as attachment directly onto the online form. It is important to fill up the required fields to help receive a better and rapid assistance.


To claim any purchased item through Resource Events® channel partner or distributor in any continent of the globe, a validation note will need to be obtained in order to authenticate the case and assist accordingly. The validation note will not require the claimer's effort as it is done between the headquarter and the retailer/ seller/ agent or distributor.  The process could take few days depending on the liaison.  Aiming to make it easy for clients in every country after purchasing a product from Resource Event® directly or any channel partner, it is important to register your purchase so that it may be easy to obtain a fast assistance. 

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After completing the online form, we advice you send the form to us by clicking on the required button "submit" and relax with peace of mind.  Every claim takes a day or two to respond to it. The company reserve the right to determine depending on the validity/authentication of the claim the duration of the process till completion. 

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