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Bedouin tent fabric - Stretch tent material

Bedouin tent fabric or stretch tent material is a very important factor that comes in the fabrication of bedouin stretch tent structure.

Resource Events® tent fabrics are durable with a polymeric coating, high tenacity substrate, anti-microbial and anti-moldy, UV stabilized, Teflon treated, easily washable, easy to repair without scalding quality, dirt repellent and available in a ranges of colors.

The Secret of the Bedouin stretch tent or the core of the tent existence and beauty lays in the fabric. The fabric of the bedouin stretch tent have been in several cases subject to evolution and many changes through out the years. In every season, after discovering an important feature that will enhance its usability, research are made. Every research is to promote a different aspect that add value to the fabric. This is why, compared to many other fabric, the cost of the actual bedouin tent fabric is costly. Resource Event® stretch tent material is simply another level of excellent and innovated fabrics joined with hyper sonic machines to seam the joints for a better watertight tent. Considering the best feature like:

Waterproof tent fabric

Resource Events® bedouin tent fabric or stretch tent material is made of either a 2 ply PVC foam coated fabric or a 3 ply impregnated with an impermeable poly-foam membrane. The poly-foam membrane is one of the newly developed technique that bonds better with our tent fabric. A combination preferred for being lighter in weight and extensively stronger due to its knitting. 

High tensile tent fabric

Resource Events® Stretch tent fabric has a quality to stretch the membrane with the fabric without undoing the knitting or affecting the lamination or bonding. Our tent fabric has the ability to withstand and balances the pressure due to it high tensile feature.

UV Stabilized tent fabric

Resource Events® tent fabrics are UV Stabilized. The primary function of the UV Stabilizer is to protect the bedouin stretch tent material or bedouin tent fabric from the long-term UV degradation effects that is caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun when erected facing the element.

Fire retardent tent fabric

One of Resource Events® options for the fabric is the fire retardant fabric or flame retardant. The fire retardant fabric is designed to burn very slow in order to prevent in the event of fire a prompt fire consumption. Allowing evacuation and promoting safety.

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