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The best combination (Combo) of event equipment. Bedouin stretch tents, event flooring | dance floor and event furniture rental. 

Resource Events® rental alleviate choices for a full range of event equipment for hire in bulk. A selection of products such as Stretch tents, furniture and flooring now can be leased in just a single selection of sets of event items. It is so easy to choose and create an idea of the function set up when selecting from our combos of items for hire. The prices are pocket friendly compare to a request to have many suppliers delivering for one function. 

Each year, Resource Events® has for hire different specials and combos. Because we care for every client, each function can be serviced with a particular sets of items to keep the intended design or theme of the function.

We have running specials on sets or combos of Bedouin stretch tents of different sizes + event flooring + event furniture. This gives our client less to look for in order to complete the need and requirement for their function.

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Here is an example of our event combo for hire. More combos are in our issued Catalogues. Our catalogues are issued per year and per season. For more information about our special catalogue, please visit our office or request one online via any of our consultant. 

Our Combos works better for any type of function. The theme and the vibe of the function can also be determined by the type of setup, furniture and any other items supplied for a function. It is so easy to get in one combo: sets of lights, Bedouin tent, chairs, tables and dance floor.

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The foundation of a successful Event is the environment created. That is the reason why one would require a bedouin stretch tent, flooring and furniture. Event rental furniture, flooring and tent have so much to give in terms of creating a comfortable and temporary sitting arrangement, covering the surface to lessen the cleaning and making it easy to operate on non leveled ground as well as sheltering against the element (wind, sun and rain).

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Contact us today and we will assist in every way possible. Get our sets of Combos (paired items) for your function and benefit a single delivery for more than what a single supplier might offer. Call us today.

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