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Event catering & equipment hire. One of the most important aspect of every function. Like one will ask, what a function without drinks and food? Using the convenient and appropriated equipment classifies a function to its class and level.

In the lot of items required for all gathering, Resource Events® with a healthy hand supply most sets from the glassware, cutlery and crockery, Kitchen items, tongs and serving spoons, water jugs and gas stoves sourced to lessen the pain of using the house utensils. No need to spend more time after the fatigue of heavy function, to start cleaning up and thinking of replacing broken items.

We have had in our endeavor supplied facilities utensils for many functions, regardless of numbers. From a single or intimate function of two (2) to functions of over a thousand (1000) guests serving with all required glasses, spoons, forks and knives.

Hygienic event catering equipment remains of sever importance to both, the guests and the supplier. Our work of excellence maintains our standard in supplying clean utensil prearranged to be used without causing harms to our clients, attendant or function guests. 

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A table set can differ from one event to another event. The serving of the food for a traditional function wouldn't be the same as for a corporate gathering. To day most wedding are having a particular choice in regards to table utensils. As matter of facts, all utensils are made for the same fundamental table rule. With us you can still achieve that longing table presentation with the right sets, catering sets for guests and kitchen use.  Contact us today to get the best advice and the best event catering equipment rental for your function with varieties depending on your function category. 




Our Resource Event® catalog have incorporated if not all at least till the furthest detailed event equipment item for hire. No need to wait for the last minute to start a journey of excellence at the one stop event equipment hire company based in Cape Town South Africa. All event equipment, event catering equipment for hire are leased at the most competitive costs. Table forks, table knives,tea spoons, desert spoons, serving spoons, fish knives, steak knives, bread knives, dinner plate, side plates, under plates, wine glasses, beer mags, champagne flutes, cocktail glasses and ect... 


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