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Tent repair & Maintenance.

Resource event® Bedouin stretch tent repair division assist client with requirement to repair or fix their bedouin stretch tent or any fixable event equipment. 

Bedouin stretch tents offers the advantage to easily repair and recondition the fabric structure to expand it life span. In order for a Bedouin stretch tent to last longer, some few requires attention.

Resource Event® Bedouin stretch tents are made of fabric mainly and stands with aluminium poles and pulled with ropes to any solid anchor point. The anchors can be an existing solid or strong attaching point as well as a peg. The peg is a reinforced strong metal that we use deepened or pinned to the ground to serve as a supporting anchor.   

There are several aspects that can cause a bedouin stretch tent to be affected and get damaged in some of its parts if not the whole structure. Anything that affect the membrane of the fabric in either piercing it. In some other situation, the Bedouin stretch tent can get more damage if its life span exceeds. 

The good new is that, our Bedouin stretch tents are thoroughly maintainable and reparable. Depending on the damage caused, some bedouin stretch tent would require replacement but a fix up to the damaged part.

Stretch tent as a permanent structure

If not taken care of, bedouin tents that are used a permanent structure get similar scathe. That is the reason why it is important to constantly maintain the tent.

Stretch tent as a temporary structure 

As a temporary structure, bedouin stretch tents can get damaged if erect with wrong rigging techniques. The pressure placed on poles, the tension on to the bedouin stretch tent lugs plays an important role.

Stretch tent erecting Technics vs damages 

The tent rigging techniques implicit mainly the way one can erect the tent. At Resource Events® we train our clients willing to know more about the rigging techniques so that their purchased tent can last longer.

Stretch tent washing vs durability & damages

Good washing  practices are definitely a way to keep bedouin tents last longer. The tent fabric can easily be affected if treated harshly whilst intending to remove dirt.


We handle every situation pertaining the repair of the bedouin stretch tents with the best advice and attention to details. Try us today!

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Let us help you keep your bedouin stretch tent in a mint condition, looking clean and able to withstand winds and rains. 


Bedouin stretch tents can be repaired!


Bedouin stretch tents can be re-altered!


Bedouin stretch tents can be reconditioned!


Bedouin stretch tents can be renewed!

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