Event Furniture Hire.

Party or event furniture hire reduces prices of owning for just a day or few days for your function. Resource Events® Stock a variety of event chairs, tables and any rental furniture suitable for indoor and outdoor special occasion.

Hiring event furniture plays a grand role in every gathering. Resource Events® function furniture hire makes it so easy for every type of party, meeting and event to create a theme that decorate and correspond to the image or purpose of the function. Event furniture hire can totally change any venue to a really different one or make an outside setting, like under a tent, unto the most beautiful place to be. Our event furniture hire are regular event furniture that comes mostly in white, colorful Moroccan event furniture with diversity of shapes and colors, Bohemian furniture hire that suits in the Bohemian themed functions and the casual event furniture.   


Each event has it own style. Resource Events® furniture hire have been a solution for weddings supplying wedding furniture that correspond to the arrangement. In most weddings, Tiffany chairs and Wimbledon chairs as well as the Louis Ghost chairs are gaining popularity however some other weddings keep an uncommon sets. For more event furniture hire please request our event catalogue. When it comes to corporate functions, exhibition show and presentations, the best sets of event furniture to rent are the one that offers a resting, lying or relaxing sitting. Resource Events® furniture comprises of couches, ottomans, plinths and more.

What event furniture to use?

Resource Events® has successfully serviced functions with the best planning advice and the best prices through out the whole of the Western Cape province of South Africa. Tell us your style and we will gladly suggest the best event furniture to suit the theme.

How do i go about the number?

Depending on the space, theme and style, each guest deserve a formal sit however not necessary for a casual party. Cocktail parties just require few tables to stand around with drinks however a presentation meeting needs more chairs theater sitting style with less tables.

How do i place it right on that day?

Some times, placing party furniture can be a bit hectic (difficult) due to the many ideas that comes. Resource Events® function furniture are so easy to move and can be placed in every sets whilst constructing the final idea. Either indoor or outdoor, our furniture suits the day lovely theme. 

What's the best time to start setting up?

Since we're the #1 one stop shop event furniture hire for all your event furniture requirements. Resource Events® prefers coming even a day before or done by no later than 4 to 3 hrs before the function starting time. Event furniture hire can take so much time just figuring up where and how to place them. Specially couches, ottomans, chairs and tables.

What about any water/ liquid splash?

Our event furniture for hire is the best solution for your parties. We know that anything can happen whilst enjoying a perfect glass of the best drink that one loves! For this purpose, all our couches for hire are made form quality leatherette, easily repel any liquid and cleans at a sweep of a wet wipe. The best event furniture for hire.

No need to break your back bone!

All Resource Events® Furniture for hire are designed for light transportation. You can change the set of your function each time needed. If your function's far off car access, our event furniture can be transported with less energy. Different from every other, our function furniture for hire do not cause any damage to any type of floor.


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Party Furniture Hire for Wedding, Birthday, Private & Corporate Events.

We provide in diversity, a lot of furniture depending on the theme. Event furniture can also created a nice relaxed theme for corporate meetings. Every event has its own way and purpose. For example, meeting up for a birthday party can either require a dancing spot or space for a dance floor, pool jumping, braai ( BBQ) etc... 

Event Furniture Rental & Themed set-ups

Event furniture respects or depict the nature of the function. No one goes to a wedding for BBQ unless planned like so. When it comes to weddings, the best wedding planning is to connect with nature. Placing the party furniture under a Bedouin tent and create a new style or using a hall with draping and lot more decor.

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